Close-Ups and Details: I deliberately zoom in on specific features or details of the subject, highlighting lights, expressions, textures, or interesting aspects that might be overlooked in a standard portrait.

Asymmetry and Unconventional Composition: I also use cropping breaking away from the conventional rules of composition. I play with asymmetrical compositions, placing the subject off-center or emphasizing certain angles for a more dynamic and visually engaging result.

By excluding parts of the subject or background, I create a sense of intrigue and encourage viewers to fill in the missing pieces of the narrative.

Play with Negative Space: Embracing negative space is a key aspect of creative cropping. Leaving intentional empty spaces around the subject can enhance the overall visual impact and draw attention to the subject's presence.

Environmental Integration: Instead of focusing solely on the subject's face, I employ creative cropping to include elements of the environment or surroundings to provide context or convey a specific mood.

Experimentation with Aspect Ratios: I would like to explore more different aspect ratios, such as square or panoramic formats, to add a unique touch to the overall composition. 

Using Format